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 Design it to Define it: Logo Design Contest

The Issue: Students4IHRA is in need of a logo for marketing materials, educational resources, and of course, merch


The solution: A student designed and chosen logo


How is it going to work? From now until April 28th we will be inviting students to design and submit a logo that they feel best represents the Students4IHRA campaign. After receiving submissions, we will open up voting. This will be announced on the StandWithUs Campus Instagram, so make sure you are following us that account!

The winning submission will be highlighted on a webpage here, and will be included on all future promotional material, resources, and merch!

The rules

  • You must be a current college student to enter the contest

  • You must submit your design by April 28th at midnight to be considered

  • Do not use any images that are subject to copyright - all designs and images must belong to you. You may use stock images that are free of copyright if needed.

  • Designs should all be submitted by google form

  • Anyone interested in submitting a design must make sure they also sign the unity statement on the website

  • If you feel comfortable, consider including a description of your logo that can can be put on the website with it!

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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